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From ugly to pretty. Painting is just a small part of the work, prep is most important

Renovation and repair work

Water damage, smoke damage, time and gravity… These things (among others) can all take a toll on the appearance of your home. Sometimes it happens slowly over the years… sometimes it happens overnight!

Below are a few before and after pictures of some rooms I repaired and painted.
It just goes to show, no matter how ugly the damage is, it can usually be fixed.

When this skylight leaked, the homeowner freaked… But I came along, and fixed it for a song.

The walls in this next room were not primed or sized before the wallpaper was put up and the wallpaper bonded to the sheetrock. When the homeowner tried to remove the wallpaper it took much of the sheetrock sheathing with it. Fortunately, I was able to fix it before the holidays.

In this next room I first have to strip the wallpaper, to see what I’m up against…

YIKES! (and gadzooks!)

It took a bit of work, but it looks a whole lot better now…

The smoke damage in this next room was incredible. (believe it or not, these walls used to be bright yellow) Now it’s a much cleaner looking room.

This next one shows you just how bad a room can get before someone calls me in to fix it. These pictures came out a bit fuzzy, but you still get the idea (sorry folks, I’m a better painter than I am a photographer)

This next room got mildly demoed when the chimney needed some repairs I’m still not sure why they busted the other hole in the wall next to the chimney, but rather than ask a lot of silly questions, I just got to work and fixed it.

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