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Some before and after pics of previous work. These are just a few examples of some rooms I’ve painted over the years.

New construction painting

Here’s a few pictures of some new construction projects I painted. Unfortunately, I don’t always take pictures of the jobs I do… but here’s a few pics for you to look at.

Whether it’s a brand new building or an addition to an existing structure, it’s not finished until it’s painted.

Before and After pictures

Refinishing a basement adds living space and value to your home

Nice rustic sitting room in a new home (before and after)

This new addition made a huge impact on the value of this home

This next one was from years ago, before I owned a digital camera. (ah, memories :))

new construction painting archived photo

I’ll try to add some more pictures for you to look at when I get a chance, but I’m really more of a painter than a web guy and right now I need to get back to work.

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Horsehair plaster repair

Antique horsehair plaster has a historical charm that you just don’t find in newer buildings.

Most painters and craftsmen will take one look at crumbling horsehair plaster and tell you it can’t be restored, and you should just drywall over it.

Personally, I love the charm of historical plaster with it’s uneven character and hand tooled craftsmanship. That’s why I’ve spent the better part of 2 decades fixing and restoring horsehair plaster in homes across southern NH.

The first thing we need to consider is that horsehair plaster does not react like most other surfaces. As older houses move and breathe with the changing temperatures and humidity, old school plaster needs to remain strong, while still moving with the building.

So before you let anyone come in to restore your old horsehair plaster, make sure they know what they’re doing. Because there’s a big difference between something that looks good for a couple months (before it starts cracking) and something that will last for another 10 or 20 years, or more.

Here’s a few pictures for you to look at of some old plaster I’ve fixed. If you have old horsehair plaster in your home call me before you tear it down, cover it with sheetrock, or let some hack come in and just start slinging joint compound all over your walls.

Before and after pictures of horsehair plaster repair…

This first ceiling had seen better days. Now it’s seeing better days again…

This next room is about 150 years old, and it was showing its age…
Now it should last for another generation…

When the roof leaked on this next house, the homeowner saw a bulge in his horsehair plaster ceiling. He poked it with a stick and a section of ceiling came crashing down at his feet. The roofer fixed the leaky roof, then I fixed the ceiling and painted the room.

In this next room the walls were pretty solid. A few areas needed some extra attention (a few settling cracks and a some broken keys here and there) but mostly the walls just had the look of pock marked concrete, and the homeowner wanted the walls to be smooth. So all that was needed was some minor repairs and a resurfacing skim coat (and some paint)…

Here’s another one where I discovered an old chimney hidden behind the wallpaper
it had a hole in it that used to be for a wood stove in the room. The homeowner decided to leave access to the chimney (just in case they ever wanted to put a wood stove back in the room) so I left the hole open and covered it with a decorative tin plate

This next ceiling had been neglected for a while. It was finally time to fix it.
Now it will last for many years to come…

I’ve got a lot more pictures where these came from, and I’ll try to add some more to this page when I get a chance, but right now I have to get back to work.

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Renovation and repair work

Water damage, smoke damage, time and gravity… These things (among others) can all take a toll on the appearance of your home. Sometimes it happens slowly over the years… sometimes it happens overnight!

Below are a few before and after pictures of some rooms I repaired and painted.
It just goes to show, no matter how ugly the damage is, it can usually be fixed.

When this skylight leaked, the homeowner freaked… But I came along, and fixed it for a song.

The walls in this next room were not primed or sized before the wallpaper was put up and the wallpaper bonded to the sheetrock. When the homeowner tried to remove the wallpaper it took much of the sheetrock sheathing with it. Fortunately, I was able to fix it before the holidays.

In this next room I first have to strip the wallpaper, to see what I’m up against…

YIKES! (and gadzooks!)

It took a bit of work, but it looks a whole lot better now…

The smoke damage in this next room was incredible. (believe it or not, these walls used to be bright yellow) Now it’s a much cleaner looking room.

This next one shows you just how bad a room can get before someone calls me in to fix it. These pictures came out a bit fuzzy, but you still get the idea (sorry folks, I’m a better painter than I am a photographer)

This next room got mildly demoed when the chimney needed some repairs I’m still not sure why they busted the other hole in the wall next to the chimney, but rather than ask a lot of silly questions, I just got to work and fixed it.

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Change of paint color

Sometimes all that’s needed is a change of paint color to bring a drab looking room back to life. (But don’t forget the prep work. If we don’t fix the holes, cracks, and other ugly stuff first, all we’ll end up with are ugly walls that are painted a different color)

Here’s a few pictures for you to look at from some rooms I’ve painted over the years. See how a change of color can change the entire feel of the room.
(Please don’t judge the picture quality too harshly, I’m a way better painter than a photographer)

This stairwell / foyer was all white before I started… But with some deep red and orange, it’s like a whole new entryway.

This children’s bathroom hadn’t seen any love in over 15 years… So they let the kids pick the colors, and I got to work.

These walls needed a fresh coat of paint… don’t you think? “Richmond Gold” makes the whole room so much warmer

Plain white walls are OK… But a little color really shows off the architecture

Plain white dining room with a sample color swatch on the walls The color was right, so I finished the room

These next before and after pictures show you how a deeper paint color can give a room more dimension and can dramatically change the look and feel of a room.

So, there’s a few examples of how changing the colors of a room can give it a whole new look and feel. I’ve got a lot more I could show you, but I’m really more of a painter than a website designer… and right now I have to get back to work.

If you’re trying to decide what colors to paint your own rooms,
check out my page on choosing paint colors for your home to get you started.

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