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Steven Rubin – Owner / Craftsman
Roann Rubin – Owner / Administrator

OK… here’s the page where I tell you a little about myself, so you’ll know who I am before you hire me to work for you

Sure, I could give you the same old sales pitch and tell you how you’ll get great service… you’ll get attention to detail… you’ll get more than you pay for… and all of that would be very true. But everybody says those things and I prefer to let my reputation speak for itself…

Nearly 90% of my work comes from repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals. I can only earn that type of reputation by first…

→ Having respect for your home or business

→ Working with you to give you the quality paint job you will be proud to show others

→ Giving you value for your dollar and doing a little more than what’s expected so you’ll get more value than you pay for

I believe if you get an honest days work at a fair price, then you’ll likely call me back for your future painting projects, and you’ll even tell your friends and family how awesome I am, and they’ll call me when they need some painting done.

This philosophy has served me well for over 18 years.

In fact, many of my long term customers don’t even ask for an estimate anymore, they simply call and ask when I can come over and do the work. I guess that’s because they already know I’m going to give them an honest days work, a high quality job, and I’m not going to stiff them on the price… It’s all about trust.

A brief history of my love affair with painting…

So, who am I? And why do I like painting?

Well, obviously my name is Steve.

I first picked up a paintbrush in 1995 and spent a couple years working with a larger painting company, learning everything I could about the trade.
– How to paint straight lines…
– How to prep surfaces and do basic repairs including drywall, caulking and spackling…
– How to roll paint on walls without making a mess…

Here I am painting clean lines with my right hand and my left hand. I know, it’s amazing…right?

painting-window-right     painting-window-left

Right from the beginning I knew I was going to like this work. There was something amazing about taking an ugly or unfinished room, and transforming into something clean and finished in just a few days.

I’ve always had a high work ethic and a strong belief that if you’re going to do something, you should strive to become the best you can at it. So I continued to hone my skills, and learn new skills.

Finally, a couple years into this new career, I realized I had become better at it than most of the people I was working with, and I was never likely to earn what I was worth by working for someone else. So I gave my boss a 30 day notice and went off on my own.

As the years went on I continued learning new skills and improving the skills I had…

I got better at repairing drywall (cleanly taping and mudding)… began learning faux finishes (and even created a few of my own faux finishes)… and eventually started to learn the finer art of repairing old horsehair plaster.

I’ve never stopped learning, and getting better. (I guess when you really enjoy what you do, it becomes more a way of life rather than just a job).

I still work with other craftsman sometimes, and if someone else on the crew knows more than me, I know enough to pay attention and learn from someone who knows more. I’ve worked with some true masters of the trade over the years, and learned everything I could from them. But these days I primarily work alone, so when you call for an estimate you’ll either talk to me or my wife (how refreshing is that… dealing directly with the owners of the company?)

me painting a window

Hey look…
The cartoon guy in my logo looks just like me from this angle 🙂

Since 1995 I’ve continued to learn new skills and hone the skills I already have. I’ve also been providing my customers in southern NH with the personalized service and quality that seem to be lacking from many of the larger painting companies.

And when you hire me, you get more than just a great paint job. You’ll also get quality results with…

– general drywall repairs

– water damage repair

– smoke damage repair

– and many other types of surface repairs, Including,

repairing and restoring antique horsehair plaster

Residential: New construction – Repaint – Restoration

You can expect convenient scheduling, attention to detail, and if requested, an experienced eye to help you narrow down your ideal color choices.

Whether you want a particular color combination, an antique home brought back to life with time period colors, a unique faux finish, or just a fresh coat of paint, I’m confident together we can find the right solution for your painting needs.

Commercial: Retail businesses – Offices – Rental units

You can expect reliable scheduling, quick turnovers and professional results meaning little to no loss of income due to waiting for the painter to finish before business can resume.

After hours scheduling can be arranged to minimize any disruption of the regular business day.

Don’t take my word for it, find out what my past customers are saying

Written guarantees
1 full year on all workmanship

Top quality materials
Benjamin Moore – California – Muralo – Sherwin Williams
Other brand names available upon request

Serving Southern New Hampshire and surrounding areas since 1995

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